EPI Voyager


The steerable Videoguided EPI-VOYAGER catheter is a device for spinal endoscopy to be used in the anterior and posterior epidural space of lumbo-sacral part.
It’s designed to introduce and direct fiberoptic flexible endoscopes in the epidural channel for an endoscopic investigation; to infuse therapeutic drugs, for the introduction of  dedicated surgical instruments and of various devices for procedures on epidural lumbo-sacral diseases.
The EPI-VOYAGER device has two working channels, the first one is dedicated to the insertion of surgical specific instruments and various devices, the second one is dedicated to introduce and direct flexible fiberoptic endoscopes.
The EPI-VOYAGER device is also equipped with two-ways of lateral infusions, dedicated for dispensing saline solutions and / or drugs.


The handle of the handpiece is provided with a tactile, bi-directional guide mechanism, which allows to move and direct the tip with block system.


Infusion channels for simultaneous administration.


Radiopaque Flexible steerable tip.

Targeted and selective drugs infusion on target to be treated.